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What lb. Bow Should I Get When Getting Started in Archery?

Bow Lb.

Archery is an exciting sport that is suitable for all ages and abilities but selecting the correct bow weight is something that too many people still overlook! The poundage, also known as the draw weight of your bow, is the way that the force needed to pull back the bow string is measured in archery. So, let’s take a look at what lb. bow you need when getting started in archery.

Depending on the weight of your drawstring, you’ll be able to shoot farther, faster and straighter; however, if it’s too heavy then your accuracy will suffer, and you’ll shake while you aim your shots.

Archery bow

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How To Choose The Right Bow – Is Heavier Poundage Better in Archery?

People often ask whether it’s better to have a heavier draw weight, or poundage, in archery, however there is no definitive answer. The correct draw weight depends on several factors including your height, weight and strength. If you select a bow with a draw weight that is too high then you will struggle to pull it back, become quickly fatigued and shake while you’re aiming the shot.

The major advantage of a heavier draw weight is that you can shoot more accurately because the arrow flies faster and doesn’t drop so much between you and the target. In hunting, heavier draw weights are essential so that you can be sure to take down the game when you hit it.

Your Complete Guide To Selecting the Correct Poundage for Your Bow.

To help you decide on the right Archery bow weight, you can refer to the chart beneath. Scan through the left-hand column and then read across to our suggested draw weights.

Archer’s Size Suggested Draw Weight of Bow.
Small Children (50-100pounds) 10-15 pounds.
Older Children (100-130 pounds) 15-25 pounds.
Small Female (100-125 pounds) 15-25 pounds.
Medium Female (125-150 pounds) 25-35 pounds.
Larger Female (150 + pounds) 30-45 pounds.
Small Male (120-150 pounds) 30-45 pounds.
Medium Male (150-200 pounds) 40-55 pounds.
Large Male. (200+pounds) 45-60 pounds.

The easiest way for you to judge the correct draw weight for your bow is use your own weight and strength as a guideline. A higher poundage will give you a competitive advantage though because it allows you to shoot the arrow faster, making it fly straighter and without dipping.

As you practice your shooting you will naturally build your upper body strength and can then slowly move up through the poundage categories. In the end you’ll settle at a draw weight, but in the first instance then you should be ready to try out a few different weights to get it right.

What Bow Height Should You Be Using?

It’s not only the weight of the bow you choose that is crucial to get right because you also need to make sure that your bow is the correct length. If you’ve ever browsed the archery catalogs, then you’ll have seen the wide range of the bow heights that are available. Recurve bows come in sizes from as small as 48’’ right up to 72’’!

In the table below you can quickly find out the right length of recurve bow that you can start using today. You need to select the correct length so that you can maximize your accuracy as well as your comfort while you are firing at the range.

Archer (Height in Feet) Suggested Bow Length
Heights up to 5’6’’ 64 inches.
5’6’’ – 5’10’’. 66 inches.
5’10’’ – 6’2’’ 68 inches.
6’2’’ and taller. 70-72 inches.

How To Choose the Right Bow?

If you’re new to archery, then it can be pretty daunting to figure out all the details and requirements but once you’ve got yourself a bow, you’re on the way to having your kit together. Your bow will quickly become a trusted companion and so making the right selection is crucial for your long-term success!

When selecting your bow, you need to keep its length and the draw weight in mind. The bow weight determines how fast the arrow will fly while the length of bow must be chosen to fit your height.

Getting the right bow is the vital first step to entering the fantastic world of archery! There are many benefits that taking up archery will bring you, from improving your health and physical condition to making new friends, enjoying the social side of the sport as well as the excitement of competitive tournaments.

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