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What is a Crossbow? Here is an Overview on Crossbows


The crossbow is the bow that is easy to shoot, while still packing a punch. Although, it’s considered to be beginner friendly, this marvel of modern technology is one of the most powerful bows, and is simple to use. A large amount of  crossbows will shoot approximately 350 feet per second, some can even go up to 400 fps. Crossbows vary in weight, durability and reliability.

Top names are Ten Point, Barnett Crossbows, Bear Archery and

Centerpoint Crossbows

Center Point.





Crossbows can be perfect for hunts in small blinds due to some models compact, slim design. The majority of crossbows all have superior speed, accuracy and lots of power. These bows are for people who want great precision but still have the charm of the traditional bow.

Overview of What is a Crossbow?

A crossbow has a mechanical latch that allows the archer to hold the bow in place, when it is cocked in position. The latch maintains the force of the draw weight, that provides the concentration of aiming and accuracy. Crossbows can have a hybrid between a bow and a rifle/ pistol. They are slightly easier to use, and more powerful than other bows, but they are fired by pulling a trigger.

Crossbows are either recurve or straight bows.Recurve Crossbows It is rotated onto its side and mounted on a stock. The archer holds this modern bow differently than other bows. The stock of this bow rests on the archer’s shoulder, which allows the use of both your shoulder and arms to support your weight. The crossbow uses special, smaller arrows called bolts.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Crossbows

There are many pros and cons when using a crossbow. On advantage is they are easier to shoot, due to the mechanical latch that holds onto the draw weight for you. Therefore, the archer does not have to use any extra energy holding the bowstring in the locked position. The crossbow also provides more accuracy, which allows time for the archer to aim.

Additionally, the bow can shoot arrows at a higher foot per second speed than other bows.  The increased speed allows the arrow to fly straighter, helping to improve overall accuracy. If you are wanting speed and accuracy in your shooting game, the crossbow gives a better advantage over other modern and traditional bows.

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What is a crossbow

Consequently, there are also disadvantages to think about when using a crossbow. Due to the speed of this bow, it is not legal everywhere. Please check your local regulations before going out to purchase your bow. Yet, another disadvantage is that you must use special arrows. These arrows, called bolts, are more expensive than traditional arrows.

Typical Uses For A Crossbow

Crossbows may be used in almost any type of archery. If your preference is to hit stationary targets or live ones, target archeryArchery Arrow Target

and bow hunting – crossbows will preform well for you. They are also portable, which makes it easier to carry if you are going into the field. Crossbows come in a variety of styles that can be used by both new and expert archers.

Time to Get Fitted for a Crossbow

The size of the crossbow needed depends on how you plan to use it. Smaller crossbows are more suited for field archery and bow hunting, as they are lighter and more portable. On the other hand, larger crossbows are good for target archery, as they provide greater speed and accuracy, in return for a heavier weight. It is important to consider your size and usage when purchasing. Remember it must be small and light enough to hold  the crossbow steady while loading and cocking the bow.

Crossbows Conclusion

Crossbows offer great power and fun for the archer. Due to their power and speed, check your area to make sure they are legal to your local area. They are also efficient and accurate when aiming. It is recommended that the archer try out different crossbows to find what crossbow works for them. They vary in weight, speed, accuracy and of course price.




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