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6 Recurve Bows You Need to Try

Recurve Bow Archery Group

Recurve bows are great for beginner archers to professionals. As they are versatile, light weight, easy to transport and more efficient than longbows. An archer who decides to purchase a recurve bow can not go wrong! What is a recurve bow? It is a bow that has it’s limbs that curve away from the archer when it is unstrung. The recurve bow will shoot faster and have greater power than the long bow due to it’s shape.


Different Types Of Recurve Bows

Let’s look into the many different types of bows that are available. Note some bows mentioned have more features than others. Read on to check out some of the most popular models out there.

PSE Razorback

PSE Razorback



The PSE Razorback is a one-size-fits all recurve bow coming in at 6 feet long and 1.8 pounds. This bow is lightweight albeit and a slightly on the bulkier side, and made of a non collapsible solid piece of wood. The PSE Razorback does not come with any accessories, but they can be purchased after the initial purchase.

If you are a beginner archer this recurve bow is all you need. It is considered a quality bow, if you have the desire to aim and shoot.

Samick SageSamick Recurve Bow

The Smack Sage is a great option for smaller framed archers, as it comes in a variety of sizes. Just as this reverse bow comes in a variety of sizes, it also comes with different prices. The length of this bows 62 inches; which is about right for a bow  of this caliber, and weights 3.5 pounds. This bow includes an arrow rest and a B-50 bow string. It is easily compatible with the Samick Sage Hunting Kit, which consist of many useful accessories.

Southwest Archery Spyder

Southwest Archery SpyderThe Southwest Archery Spyder is acclaimed for being the perfect bow for beginners and intermediate archers alike. It is also considered an upgrade from the Samick Sage, as it has more features included. The 64- inch  Southwest Archery Spyder has a  comes complete with with a stringer, arrow rest and a riser. Additionally, it has easy up-grade ability for a variety of accessories.

Bear Archery Super KodiakBear Archery Super Kodiak Recurve Bow

The Bear Archery Kodiak is designed for the intermediate – to-expert level of archery.  It has an efficient and accurate shooting capability, and is said to be designed beautifully. This recurve bow is 60 inches long and is ideal for bowhunting in the field and/or target archery.

Obert Archery Takedown Recurve Bow

Obert Archery Takeedown BowThe Obert Archery Takedown Bow has a draw weight of approximately 60 pounds made of fiberglass, and comes with only the bow and a string, for the price of just over $ 100. However, there are accessories that can be purchased and installed separately after the fact. This bow is considered a heavy duty bow with no frills for beginners on up on a budget.

Mandarin Duck Phantom

Mandarin Duck Black Hunter Take Down Bow



The Mandarin Duck Phantom recurve bow is an easy to transport, collapsible and budget friendly. It has a bow length of 56 inches with a maximum draw length of 29 inches. The dimensions of this bow makes it ideal for smaller framed archers. Please note that this recurve bow is a rare find, due to the price point and collapsible feature.

Wrap Up On Recurve Bows

Understanding the features of a recurve bow prior to purchase can save an archer from making a costly mistake. The bows listed above would be a great addition to ones archery collection.

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Recurved bows to try


Photo by Alex Guillaume on Unsplash

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