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7 Best Crossbows

Crossbow Shooting

Looking for a new crossbow that has power, easy to use and has good price tag? Are you a hunter or getting started with hunting? If so you will want a bow that keeps it full draw and does not require a lot of energy.  This way the archer can fully concentrate on what you are aiming at. There are several benefits of a crossbow such as: less practice needed, there is the ease of aiming, they can be easier on the body not needing the upper body and arm strength as a compound.  Here is a list of  7 best crossbows that will be great to have and help your archery  adventure.

TenPoint Titan SS

The TenPoint Titan SS comes with a scope, arrows, quiver, and everything else that is needed to shoot. This bow’s primary TenPoint Titanfeature comes with TenPoint’s AccuDraw technology. The AccDraw technology holds the weight of your draw, which allows the bow to be accessible to an archer of any body frame. This bow supports the draw weight of 175 pounds, has speeds up to 340 feet per second, and weights approximately 6.7 pounds.


2. Excalibur Crossbow Matrix SFX Grizzly

This bow’s name alone is synonymous with quality, and the archery community feels the Excalibur Crossbow Matrix SFX EXCALIBUR CROSSBOW Grizzly does not disappoint. It is a 5.5 pound bow, that can handle a draw weight of up to 200 pounds, has a mossy oak camouflage, durable and great for bowhunting. The Matrix SFX Grizzly is a midrange crossbow.

3. Barnett 78134 Recruit Tactical Compound CrossbowBarnett Recruit Crossbow

The Barnett 78134 Recruit Tactical Compound Crossbow comes pretty much ready for action with minimal assembly required. It has a draw weight of 125 pounds and shoots at approximately 330 feet per second. The Barnett is budget friendly a



4. CenterPoint Sniper 370

CenterPoint Sniper 370Take note if you are a beginner- the CenterPoint Sniper 370 has affordability and quality at the same time. This bow has safety features, which include anti-dry fire trigger and an automatic safety. It has a 185 pound draw weight with speeds of up to 370 feet per second. The Sniper has all the power needed in an affordable and compact package.



5. SA Sports Empire Beowulf

The SA Sports Empire Beowulf comes ready- to- shoot with all the bells and whistles of a crossbow. Your kit includes a quiver, SA Sports 647 Empire Fever Pro 175LB Crossbowscope, rope cocking device, and carbon arrows. This bow is 175 pound draw weight that does not sacrifice power.





6. Bear Archery Fisix FFL

Bear Archery Fisix FFLTake note if you are an intermediate and/or expert bowhunter, who likes the feel of a good crossbow. The Bear Archery Fisix FFL has a draw weight of 135 pounds and a shooting speed of up to 375 feet per second. It is considered to be a fast and efficient bow.



7. Ravin Crossbow R15

If you are focused on efficiency and speed and want a bow that can go up to 425 feet per second, the Ravin Crossbow R15 Ravin Crossbow R15Predator is perfect for you. It has a draw weight of 160 pounds, and geared towards seasoned crossbow hunters.



Crossbow Wrap Up

When shopping for a crossbow is it important to know what you want, how much speed you want, and how much you want to spend. The crossbows listed are a great starting place for the beginner to the expert archer. All of these bows will help with your hunting or even if you are just using the bow for a shooting sport competition. And remember that crossbows are easier to learn and you will have an easier time learning how to shoot accurately.

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Photo by Trevin Rudy on Unsplash

Graham Mitchell

What started out as a fun summer camp activity, has become a passion of mine over the years. Whether it's target shooting, competitive archery or bow hunting, I hope you find this site to be a valuable resource of archery information.

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