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Benefits of Archery for Kids

Kids Doing Archery

Let’s learn about the benefits of archery for kids. With so many classic Blockbuster franchises featuring characters who are outstanding archers, from Legolas in Lord of the Rings to the Hunger Games, children and young adults have never had so much silver screen inspiration to super boost their own love of the sport. Archery has many benefits for people of all ages but given that many of the benefits are cumulative children who take up archery stand to gain the most from the sport over their life times!

Archery is a fantastic extracurricular activity that can be taken up by any child, even from a young age. Of course children should be supervised at all times to maintain safety at the range but with many archery clubs having dedicated hours and classes for children you will have a lot of choice when choosing a location for your children to take up archery.

Teaches Valuable Life Skills to Any Child who Partakes in the Sport

When kids or young adults take up archery they are able to learn some extremely important skills that will serve them well for life! As well as the techniques and specifics of archery children also find that to succeed in something they need to work hard and be dedicated to it in order to make progress. This instills in them a sense of discipline which will help them with their school work and even later on in their working lives.

Improves Physical Health and Well being

With so many alternatives to physical activities such as video games, TV shows and movies, many children around the world are not getting enough exercise to stay fit and healthy!

Archery is a fun way that children can get regular physical exercise. Archery provides a light cardiovascular workout and strengthens the upper body as you train. If you are practicing on an outdoor range the fresh air and sunshine is great for your child’s well being. Spending time outdoors will increase the levels of Vitamin D in your child which is scientifically proven to boost the immune system and helps to fight off viruses and other infections.

Builds Confidence and Character

Training and practicing archery is a reliable way to boost your child’s confidence and grow their character. The deep sense of accomplishment that the child will feel as it improves with practice and time will instill in them virtues that will stand them well in life.

As your child improves their skills they will naturally become more confident in their abilities to learn new things which will help them to excel in all aspects of their growth.

When your child participates in archery they are engaging in a target driven sport and this helps to make them mentally tough, strong and resilient. Each time they practice they are pushing themselves to be their best on a mental and physical level. This is a wonderfully powerful way to help them train their own minds and character to be their very best selves.

Helps Deal with Daily Pressures and Stress

The modern world can be very stressful for adults but even children are facing more pressure in schools and in their social lives than previous generations experienced, and so finding positive and healthy outlets for their stress is really important to ensure their happiness and emotional well being.

Archery is a great way for kids to meet new friends at the range while safely letting off some of the steam that may have built up during the school week.

Improves Concentration

Not only will archery help your children to learn stronger concentration skills that will help them with their school work and lives in general, but it also trains focus, mental acuity and, very importantly, self motivation!

The ability to concentrate and be self motivated will stand any child in a good stead for the inevitable challenges that life will later throw at them.

Archery is a Highly Social and Friendly Sport

When you take up archery you will make great new friends who share a common interest but it will also help your child build up good sportsmanship. If they join a club they will also learn about team spirit while having a great time with their new friends and teammates. The sport is so friendly that you will often find that the more experienced archers are happy to give tips and helpful advice to new members of a club!

Archery is a Great All Round Activity for Children of All Ages

Archery has many benefits for children of all ages and dispositions. Primarily the child is competing with their past self, trying to improve on their previous achievements. This is a healthy outlook for life in general but if the child is more competitively minded then there are many competitions and ongoing leagues that they can join to help them push themselves to new levels of accomplishment.

No matter how your child takes on archery, competitively or just as a fun extracurricular activity, it can really play a valuable role in shaping their future motivation, self discipline and focus. Learning archery as a child is hugely beneficial to anyone, and giving your child the opportunity to experience this wonderful sport is an opportunity in life that you shouldn’t let them miss out on!

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Archery for Kids

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