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Beginner Archery tips

Beginner Archery

Are you a beginner in archery? Here are some great archery tips to help get your going. If you follow these archery tips and with a lot of practice your will be hitting the bulls eye in no time.

The Anchor Point What Are They?

This provides stability with your stance and assist you with shots. The anchor points will help with the positioning of your hand during your shots. It also helps train your muscles. The 1-3 points on the anchors face that has the drawing hand in place to stabilize the archer’s aim before the releasing the arrow. Developing your anchor points will help you develop a routine that will lead to consistency in your shooting. Once you find your point or points and use them each time you will aim consistently.

To find your anchor point raise your bow and straighten out your arm, at the same time draw back your string to your point that you have made your anchor point. This will more than likely be the corner of your mouth or chin. Practice repeatedly so that you hit the same point each time you draw back the string. Start practicing consistent hand-to-face, and string-to-face anchor points.

Corner of The Mouth Anchor Point

  •  Draw back on the string and pull until you have reached just under the jaw. A plus for this anchor point, it will give you a reference point as to exactly where your hand is under your chin. The string at your nose or possibility does it just reach your lips. Then you know each time where to stop on your draw of the bow.

Under The Jaw Anchor Point

  •  Draw back on the string until you reach just under your jaw. This will be harder than the corner of your mouth. This anchor point approach is used by a lot of pros.

Whichever way you find your anchor point do not dry fire your bow. This could ruin your bow.

Proper Archer stance

The most import part of your archer stance is your foot position. The most vital thing is to have your feet about shoulder – width apart and have your knees slightly bent. Your knees should be perpendicular to the arrow and have your hips parallel to the arrow once it is drawn.

The Open stance

  • This stance has your feet staggered place the front foot behind your back foot with your hips open to the target.

The Close stance-

  • Is where you have somewhat staggered feet with the front foot ahead of the back foot and then have your hips closed to the target

The best thing to do try all 3 positions and find the one that feels the most comfortable. Keep up this practice until it feels very natural.

Other areas to be aware of in your stance are:

  • Head position-Try to keep your head held up straight
  • Shoulder position– They should fall to a natural position when your elbow and lower arms are in the proper place. The position would be having your front shoulder in a natural position, making sure you don’t shrug your shoulder. This could cause you to overextend your shoulder forward.
  • Elbow and Lower arm Position– Your release arm elbow should point forward towards the target. Place your bow arm point outward and downward while trying to angel it away from the bow.
    • A Common error is pointing the bow arm elbow downward. This could lead to the bowstring slapping your forearm while your shooting.

4 Common mistakes for New Archers

  • Elbow rotation- Keeping your elbow rotated outwards so that it is in more a of straight up position. This way avoiding the string hitting your arm.
  • Finger Position- Don’t go to fast placing your fingers on the string. Make sure you have them in the correct position before you release the string.
  • Don’t follow through- Some newbies don’t finish their shot with strength. The way in which a person is aiming is usually too weak for the shot. One of the reasons is because they are focusing too much on aiming and not using their muscles in the correct way. This results in the shot coming out too low and missing the target. Best way to fix this is to practice more and focus.
  • Holding the bow to tightly- Relax your hold otherwise your accuracy will be affected, and thus missing the target.

What to know before you buy:

  • Try renting your equipment first. This way you can find out if you really like that sport or the type of bow you are using.
  • A lot of archery clubs allow you try for free/ rent or a trial membership.
  • Select the right size bow that fits your body and strength.
    • Make sure the draw weight is right for you
    • Make sure the bow is properly sized
    • Check the poundage
    • Check the length of the arrows so that they are long enough


If you like archery and just starting out, keep all of these tips in mind. You will be hitting the target, on the bullseye in no time. Better yet you will be more consistent at hitting the bullseye and that’s is what is important.

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Photo by Annie Spratt on UnsplashImage by David D from Pixabay

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